Beauty-Trends 2014 from Schwarzkopf: image Realusion
 Schwarzkopf introduces a new collection Trend Looks 2014 facing form, structure and refined styling hair color. This year, the project as a photographer was attracted world-famous fashion designer and style icon Karl Lagerfeld. In collaboration with an expert in hair care Armin Morbach Schwarzkopf creates 4 trending direction, combined in a collection Perceptions, which is based on the images from the fashion shows, and current street trends from around the world. The project was also attended by the girls included in the Top 50 models of the world, demand the best fashion designers and magazines.


Models: Park Joo Soo (Soo Joo Park) and Ginta Lapina (Ginta Lapina)

Simple human truth and routine care in a changing world give a sense of warmth and comfort. Realusion - the embodiment of this feeling, it is a laid-back image, endowed with natural beauty.

The highlight of the image - a very short bangs at an angle.   "It's all about the structure, - says the expert Armin Morbach Schwarzkopf. - Straight or wavy hair look as if they messed up the wind. In a more elegant version of the wave combed and neatly stacked. "

 Beauty-Trends 2014 from Schwarzkopf: image Realusion

The basic form is obtained by stacking multi-layered haircut . Styling is modern and sexy in combination with an evening dress and a jacket-bomber and biker boots.

 Beauty-Trends 2014 from Schwarzkopf: image Realusion

Light shining shades of blonde   make the image even more relevant. The make-up is recommended to focus on the eye - perfect makeup smoky eyes   with warm shades with metallic effect. A perfect complexion and a natural lip color gives this image touch of sophisticated glamor.

 Beauty-Trends 2014 from Schwarzkopf: image Realusion

Products Schwarzkopf: varnish and spray mousse Taft Choice stylist, hairspray Taft Volume.

To be continued...

Author: Anna Shustrova