Lena Lenina reveals the secrets of the image of a business woman
 You - a woman and that's a minus in business. And if you're a blonde, then immediately two minuses. 99 percent of billionaires and top political officials in the country - the men. So how do women in these unequal conditions to become a billionaire or even a millionaire? Or at least to compete successfully for their financial and professional success?

It's simple: be punctual, hard work, more diplomatic, more efficient, more profitable, better and more professional. And most importantly, immediately appeal to potential business partners. How like the first minute as to be sure that you have won the tender in competition or acquired a new client?

There are some secrets to success in an instant victory. The secret lies in the fact that the encounter is still "on clothes."   Therefore, it should be business style, and do not ask why, just black or gray in color with the mandatory white shirt. Aggressive sexy red leave for a romantic evening, pink - for vulgar fools, beige in a cage - for the lonely evenings by the fireplace, and purple - for nestrashaschihsya old blue stockings. And you must have a clock. Because it is a sign of your subconscious readable punctuality and commitment. And if you are still points that you, despite the blonde hair color and any number of brains, anyway impress a clever man. And even if you have perfect vision, get yourself a simple glasses with lenses without diopters on how to image - that's it! And you need a business briefcase or folder. And if they are from a crocodile or imitation of his cows, then you will make not only the impression of a business woman, but a woman of high social status.

The rich fear the less wealthy and more trust them. And you should not be a surplus of makeup and flashy coloring Indian warrior. The main focus of the business of makeup to correction by means of foundation and darker with lighter tones equalizer to hide skin imperfections and the morphology of the face and highlight the merits.

Remember the classics: all fell lighten, darken all too voluminous and strive to perfect oval face shape .  That is, the makeup should be effective but invisible .  And, of course, your manicure should not be gothic black and green and purple, and can only be beige-pink, classic erotic service jacket or red with not very long nails, otherwise no one will believe that you are these fingers daily knock on the keyboard .  And I hope you will remember that the best manicure make the web manicure studio Lena Lenina .  And you should not be too many decorations .  The barmaid from the distant Soviet past could afford to wear on each finger rings with artificial ruby .  But you have to get used to wear in a business setting, as do the wives of ministers and members of the royal family, humble pearls as the aristocratic, elegant and refined of the ornaments .  And a woman who makes a good impression, do not use slang, and is fluent in etiquette, and in all circumstances remains diplomatically .  The opponent can tear your hair out, scream and lose face by any means, but you should always remain unruffled, polite, educated and not to raise the tone, even in case of fire . 

Learn basic neurolinguistic programming to deftly negotiate and read a couple of dozen books on how to sell yourself and your product.   And even better, to learn the ABCs of sales, arrange for a few months by the seller in the company "Argo", a decent representative of direct selling companies, and learn how to sell her friends and acquaintances, then big business will click as nuts. And most importantly, do not skimp and add charm to the voice of a little more honey in the negotiations, and in a conversation on the phone, despite the fact that the person on the other end can not see you, you still smile, it gives voice puschuyu pleasure. Remember, men and children have quit, but millions of their own - never!

 Lena Lenina reveals the secrets of the image of a business woman

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova