Women try 16 diets in their lifetime
 British scientists estimate on how many diets sit men and women throughout their lives. The study is published edition of Daily Mail.

It was found that on average, the fairer sex try twice more diets than their partners. Men practice during the life of not more than 8 diets and their girlfriend or wife - all 16.

According to the study, the average diet lasts only 1 month for which women lose from 2, 5 to 3, 5 kg. However, almost a third of women (27%) said they only kept the weekly diet.

The reasons that difficult to follow the diet, the following: lack of willpower, boredom, meeting with friends.

Most popular women's motivation for choosing a diet - a dissatisfaction with their bodies. But 27% said they wanted to be more sexy and 19% decided on a diet in order to be in shape for summer holiday. And only 1% of women said they would sit on a diet to please their partner.

And the most important observation of British: they are recognized by a majority vote that diets work . So said 71% of respondents.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Julia Gnedina