Daria Werbowy has returned to the business model
 Maybe someone did not notice the disappearance of Darya Verbovoy with the latest shows and advertising pages. She broke up with model business for a couple of years. And now back.

Fans Lancome, certainly surprised that Daria, is the face of cosmetics brand for many years, suddenly ceased to promote the new make-up collection. It was rumored that Verbova decided to devote himself to the family, perhaps children ...

But it turns out, quite a different reason. Daria Werbowy reveal all the details of his life in a very honest interview for the February issue of Harper`s Bazaar (US). The model admitted she just really tired. She performed all her dreams and took many of the height of his career. This is the most difficult - it is no longer anything else to wish for. Daria has disappeared from our sight not to be in the movies, or to engage in charity, as it explains some of the models. She just decided to rest without waiting for a mental breakdown.

During these 2 years, much has changed in her life. She moved to Ireland with her boyfriend. But not because of him, but because of the well-known singer Sinead O'Connor: "I love Sinead, it is - one of the reasons I moved to Ireland."

For two years she came around to go back to where to start. Now, Daria Werbowy snapped back: impressions, cover, advertising photo shoot ...

 Daria Werbowy has returned to the business model
30-year-old Daria Werbowy on the cover of the February Harper`s Bazaar (US)

Author: MyCharm.ru: Julia Gnedina