Most women believe that young men do not know how to use perfume
 Research conducted Old Spice brand in the United States. The results are surprising. It turns out that boys and young men (age range interested in 13 to 25 years old) absolutely do not know how to properly use perfume and apply it excessively.

Were interviewed 2000 adolescents and young adults of both sexes, as well as teenage mothers in 1000. And here are the results of research:

75% of boys, 83% girls and 72% of mothers believe that the young men are over-perfume.

What is the reason? On this question, too, the study gave the answer. Young people and teenagers think that the flavors fade very quickly, so they constantly have to update throughout the day.

Do you agree with that? I noticed that the guys too often sprinkle the colognes and perfumes?

Author: Julia Gnedina