The post-holiday diet of Kim Kardashian
 Kim Kardashian admitted edition Mobio Insider, that in the past the holidays could not give up the tasty and high-calorie treats. But she found a way how to get back in shape.

More recently, the fight ended in a star with excess weight gained during pregnancy. Reporters noted that Kim won this battle. And she helped the Atkins diet.

 The post-holiday diet of Kim Kardashian
Post-Babe figure Kim Kardashian

It seems that Kim really trust this diet, this eating plan really helped her. So when the question arose of how to lose kilos scored on holidays, she did not invent anything new. He believes that it will again Atkins diet. Kim told reporters that begins to stick to the plan this week, and will come in the form as soon as possible.

If you still do not know anything about the Atkins diet - more about it here & gt; & gt; & gt ;, in this section, "diet".

The Atkins diet made its debut in 1972, and since then many celebrities energetically promoting the eating plan. Such stars as Jennifer Aniston, Renee Zellweger, Demi Moore, Courtney Thorne-Smith have successfully lost weight on the Atkins diet menu.

Author: Julia Gnedina