International exhibition "Time of Dolls» №12
 Under the new year the organizers will surprise guests a truly fabulous exhibits - ancient mechanical dolls will dance and play the piano, art fireplaces prompt idea of ​​Christmas decoration in the corner of your home, a lot of puppet angels - from paper, cloth, wire, wood and porcelain; conceptual works that reflect the format dolls Petersburg architectural styles, and this is not all the miracles that happen in St. Petersburg, with the advent of time the dolls.

By visiting a special section - the project fairs crafts and creativity, "Craft Bazaar" visitors can get exclusive author's works and unusual New Year's gifts for relatives and friends. Come and see for yourself!

For long-term history of the International Exhibition of dolls and Teddy bears' Time Dolls "gained the status of an important event in the cultural life of St. Petersburg and the world, becoming a favorite New Year's Eve celebration for the townsfolk. Traditionally, the exhibition presents works by the best artists in the genre of art and collectible dolls, holds a unique training forum for hundreds of artists.

 International exhibition "Time of Dolls» №12
  International exhibition "Time of Dolls» №12

The main exhibition space is occupied by the exhibition of artists who will present a new collection of dolls made of different materials: porcelain, textiles, polymer clay and papier-mache. Each year the exhibition is becoming more interesting - the list of participants is expanding, as well as the geography: Latvia, Ukraine, Finland, USA, Germany and so on. D.

December 18-22 exhibition again takes all six halls of the Exhibition Center of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists, where visitors to the exhibition will see hundreds of collectible dolls and teddy bears: antique and modern, trendy and classic hinged porcelain.

 International exhibition "Time of Dolls» №12
  International exhibition "Time of Dolls» №12

In the exhibition program:

- Collectible doll and bear artists from different countries and Russia;

- Charity Marathon Cultural Foundation "Dolls of the World" and the charity fund "Life Line" - "TildaManiya plus." All money from sales of dolls tildes in the project will be transferred to the operation seriously ill children, which oversees the fund "Life Line";

- Personal exhibition of Tatiana Gurina (St. Petersburg) "Reverse Perspective", "Game Boho. Dolls and schedule ";

- Personal exhibition of Tatiana Ovchinnikova (Moscow) "Psychic matter";

- Artistic nativity scene "... and you see - Star". Curator Baskakova Natalia, commonwealth «Rabbit`scabbage»;

 International exhibition "Time of Dolls» №12

- "The Blank Slate" project Asi Kozina;

- "The great architects of St. Petersburg: Imperial style." The project Andrei Nikitin;

- Marina Khalitova "Collectable mechanical dolls and a miniature";

- Art fireplaces - Christmas fireplace with puppets and art objects artists from St. Petersburg;

- The final stage of the professional competition of the magazine "Doll Master" - "Doll of the Year";

- Special Section - Project fairs crafts and creativity, "Craft Bazaar" will present the materials to create the perfect gift for the New Year and exclusive author's works.

 International exhibition "Time of Dolls» №12
  International exhibition "Time of Dolls» №12

18-22 December 2013
Central Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists (Bolshaya Morskaya d.38)

Opening hours:
December 18 - from 12.00 to 20.00
  19, 20, December 21 - from 11.00 to 20.00
  December 22 - from 11.00 to 19.00

Author: Anna Shustrova