The contest "The first steps" with Pampers Active Pants in "Home Moms"
 The first successes of the child - first steps, words, learning objects, participate in games - it is a great joy for parents and grandparents. Each of the adults want to help the crumbs to make his first opening, to participate in the process of opening a magical world. Furthermore we teach the child to do something, we can also provide him with maximum comfort that will protect your child's skin day and night. That is why the "Home Moms" is holding a contest of articles entitled "First Steps" with the brand Pampers, which produces Pampers Active Pants - the driest panties in Russia.

The driest panties Pampers Active Pants Russia give active kids up to 12 hours of sleep a gold, providing unparalleled dry throughout the night. This is great news for moms who want to be sure that the night Pampers will protect them active toddlers as well as during the day, and the skin will dry up to 12 hours thanks to a double absorbent layer on the front for boys and girls in the middle. Pants Pampers Active Pants is easy to change a few simple movements - fast, convenient and comfortable for grown-rolling baby.

 The contest "The first steps" with Pampers Active Pants in "Home Moms"

We invite you to write an article on how to help your child discover the world, to learn and to learn something new. You can accompany the text of the photos of your son's or little girl to make the story more vivid. All articles that meet the conditions of the contest will be published in the Encyclopedia of Women

6 winners of the contest will receive a gift samopolivayuschiysya flowerpots *, which will save the life of your plants, even if you leave on vacation, as well as a unique product packaging - Pampers Active Pants.

Unusual pot fitted with a water reservoir, enough to feed the flowers up to 5-8 days. Inside the tank there is fun protein, which indicates that the plant needs water gravy. When the tank is filled, the rodent emerges from its hollow. Pot plants provide moisture, even if you can not water it regularly. It is proved that this method is much more useful for watering plants, t. To. It takes as much water as it needs. You can add nutrients to the water and fertilizer minerals, for example, for the cultivation of strawberries. This pot will be a favorite toy for a child who will not only feed the flower and protein, adding water to the tank.

 The contest "The first steps" with Pampers Active Pants in "Home Moms"

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Author: Anna Shustrova