The new fragrance Victorias Secret Night
 The brand Victoria's Secret has another product, designed to reveal femininity and sexuality multiply each girl. It is a magical tool - sensual fragrance Night.

If you try to describe it in three words, the ideal epithets mystical, provocative and unrestrained passion.

In a composition perfumers Victoria's Secret   inspired by Paris night - or rather the mysterious events that occur in the city, where most of its residents peacefully asleep.

This fragrance by Victoria's Secret - the perfect companion for a party or a night walk. In the first seconds Night   reveals sparkling fruity notes, a few moments later, they give way to a sensual exotic flowers, and a few hours later on the skin is a warm deep wood-musky trail. Bottle matched content: black, sleek, it is crowned with a precious though rare stone complex cut, and a scattering of black glittering stones encircle the neck of a smaller vessel.

 The new fragrance Victorias Secret Night

Pyramid flavor Night:

Top notes:   ripe apple, black jasmine, sparkling lemon, orchid, dark wood;

Base notes:   tiger lily, blue plum, Spanish orange, iris, violet, purple peony;

Notes loop:   amber, sandalwood, bourbon vanilla, musk, white patchouli, black raspberries.

 The new fragrance Victorias Secret Night
  The new fragrance Victorias Secret Night

The collection includes the following products Night:

Eau de parfum 50 ml, 2700 rub. and 100 ml, 3,500 rubles.

Perfumed Body Spray, 250 ml, 1350 rubles.

Perfumed Body Lotion, 200 ml, 990 rubles.

 The new fragrance Victorias Secret Night

Author: Anna Shustrova