The pill for men - almost a reality
 So far, however, no such sale. But scientists are working on it. And the first results are available. They are tested on the mouse, and give us great hope that will soon swallow pills pregnancy will be men.

Gender roles in modern society are changing rapidly. Now no one is surprised by the men who take leave to care for a newborn, sometimes resorting to creams and go for a pedicure in the salon. It seems that very soon, and a daily intake of contraceptive pills would be the lot of men.

Publication Daily Mail wrote that the researchers at the University of Melbourne, close to to create oral contraceptives for men. Tablets block certain proteins that semen does not contain sperm. The experimental results were confirmed by tests in mice. Guarantees of contraception at the same time - 100 percent at the time of taking the pills, and the ability to engage fully recovered after the cessation of the use of contraceptives.

Scientists believe that the male pill will not affect hormones, libido, sperm quality and the future offspring.

Interestingly, the impact on the behavior of male partners, the emergence of tablets? Whether men are more likely to take on the issue of contraception?

Author: Julia Gnedina