Blondes spend more money on their hair than brunettes
 The British company Toni and Guy (hair care) interested in the question: how much is spent on beauty hair blondes and brunettes? The researchers calculated how much money is poured into hair care.

It was found that blondes spend on your hair a lot more, and in my life, the difference is $ 6,000. Hair care for blondes in my life costing 43,000 dollars, and for the dark-haired - in 37,000 dollars.

Toni and Guy Experts explain this difference by the fact that blondes are usually during the life there more problems with hair.

However, there is good news. Another study about blondes proved that waitress with blonde hair tips collected 25 percent more than their counterparts-haired.

According to the materials Daily Mail

Author: Julia Gnedina