Handstitched contest - the Palace of the Snow Queen
 Let's fantasize and try to imagine the palace in which lives the Snow Queen. What she can be there? What do you think, what kind of animals live near her, protecting her? What a picture on her wall? What furniture, caskets? Perhaps the Snow Queen herself is engaged in crafts and making things from frost? Let's decorate it with a magical palace snow patterns, made with his own hands!

 Handstitched contest - the Palace of the Snow Queen

The competition is open to all kinds of crafts!
The duration of the contest on November 15 - January 15. Voting 16-20 January. The results of the 21 January.

The winners will be necessary and useful gifts from Company Philips!

A distinctive feature of this device is a unique feature - an indicator of willingness to curl, which allows, depending on the type of hair to create perfect curls without damage to the hair. A special conical shape and the absence of clamps help prevent tangling of hair. Simply wrap a lock around the body of the rectifier and click. After some time, a wave indicator will signal that the lock is ready!

Prize for the third and second handheld steamer GC320

 Handstitched contest - the Palace of the Snow Queen

New hand-steamer Philips Steam & Go GC320 help tidy clothes and delicate fabrics effortlessly copes with a complex cut, ruffles, volume fittings: we need only to press the button and hang clothes on hangers. This steamer Become a real salvation for those who are in a hurry and eternal values ‚Äč‚Äčevery minute: it can be used to quickly bring the clothes in order and look great all day.

The prize for first place: Iron GC5055

 Handstitched contest - the Palace of the Snow Queen

With the new iron Philips Perfect Care Xpress GC5060 can no longer worry about the change of temperature modes and ironed things out of different fabrics in any order!

Due to the unique technology OptimalTemp, providing the perfect combination of steam and temperature, adjust the setting of the iron is needed. Now it is possible in any sequence to iron things out of different fabrics - from silk to linen, from cotton to cashmere - without having to wait until the soles to cool down to the desired temperature. With iron Perfect Care Xpress can be ironed clothes in minutes: high power (2800 watts) ensures fast heating of the device, Continuous steam up to 65 g / min provides a more efficient smoothing out wrinkles in clothes, and the steam from the steam blow, which can be adjusted, increased by 40%.

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Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova