Limited collection Bella Italy from Bath & Body Works
 Bath & Body Works is a limited collection of Bella Italy, went on sale a few days ago. The new range consists of three independent fine lines, each - with its history and flavor.

Arrange a memorable Italian vacation without leaving your bathroom, - treat yourself to products from the collection Bella Italy . Choosing not be easy: the collection consists of three lines. You can decide whether to go to the north of Italy, to Venice, to inhale the sweet berry flavors funds from line Venice Dolce Berry . The second option: making sure the charms of products Rome Honeysuckle Amore , Imagine the flavor of the Italian capital. Or embark on a journey to the south of this wonderful country - the island of Capri, and enjoy succulent Mediterranean citrus, which gave flavor means the line Capri Seaside Citrus .

All three lines range Bella Italy   They have the same composition: this high-quality shower gels, creams, sprays and mousses all - for the body. The difference - in slozhnosochinennogo flavors.

Venice Dolce Berry   you learn by floral-fruity smell: it has sweet notes of berries, magnolia and sensual - sandalwood.

 Limited collection Bella Italy from Bath & Body Works

Rome Honeysuckle Amore   - A chord honeysuckle, fragrant peach tart and deep wood notes.

 Limited collection Bella Italy from Bath & Body Works

Capri Seaside Citrus   - A fresh cocktail of citrus fruits and juicy nectarines diluted unobtrusive notes of orange blossom.

 Limited collection Bella Italy from Bath & Body Works

In each line of Bella Italy presented:
1. Shower Gel (295ml - 490 rubles.)
2. Body Lotion (236ml - 490 rubles.)
3. Body cream with triple moisturizing formula (226gr - 590 rubles.)
4. Perfumed Body Spray (236 ml - 690 rubles.)
5. Perfumed Body Spray Glitter (236 ml - 690 rubles.)
6. Shower Gel and scrub 2 in 1 (236 ml - 690 rubles.)
7. Mousse Body Glitter (100g - 690 rubles.)

Author: Anna Shustrova