Rejuvenating new tone from YSL
 The new product is named Youth Liberator Serum Foundation. As the name implies, this tone serum, "releasing the youth" of the skin. Decent answer the BB and CC innovations - such as multi-function, but also a luxury product.

Youth Liberator Serum Foundation - This autumn the novelty of YSL, very soon appear on the shelves of boutiques and department stores around the world.

This framework provides a wide range of protection (SPF 20) and a large number of anti-aging properties. The formula-based ingredient branded «glynactif», preserving the cells from aging and makes the skin young and the complexion bright and radiant.

 Rejuvenating new tone from YSL

The novelty is released in 12 shades, liquid pigment mixes well with the natural skin tone falls easily and leaves a feeling of weightlessness. Even touching your hands to the face, you do not feel coating.

A small detail that can make this product suitable for not very sensitive skin - is the flavor peculiar to almost all products YSL Beaute. It is quite resistant, and leaves a long trail of powdery floral.

Author: Julia Gnedina