The new fragrance Madly Kenzo Oud
 Kenzo released a fragrance Madly Kenzo Oud Collection - is limited flanker flavor 2011 Madly Kenzo. In a new fragrance inspired by the creators of the fascinating and mysterious world of the East.

The predecessor of this version was called Madly Kenzo Kiss' n Fly.

Madly Kenzo Oud Collection   - Woody-oriental fragrance. Its main notes of agar wood, rose, saffron and amber.

 The new fragrance Madly Kenzo Oud

The aroma is already available for sale in the French store Sephora.

Kenzo Madly Kenzo Oud Collection   rbemom available in vials of 80 ml, at a concentration of Eau de Parfum.

Author: Anna Shustrova