Special care after the summer by Dove
 Dove helps to restore the beauty of skin and hair after the summer
gifts and delights in August and September 2013!

Summer brings not only the numerous fun and thrills, but also problems with skin and hair, which can become dehydrated, dull and weakened under the influence of various factors:
• Heat, sea salt, wind and air dried skin and hair;
• the sun's rays causes photoaging of the skin and destroys the hair structure;
• Dust clogs the pores and irritate the skin, hair and pollute harms them.

Therefore, it is now skin and hair needs no ordinary care, and especially gentle care, including mild cleansing, intensive nutrition, hydration and recovery. Dove special. It offers products based on special formulas, which deeply nourish and moisturize your skin and hair, helping to restore them and taking care of beauty.

• Cream Dove soap   not only perfectly clean, but also gives a feeling of moisture, making the skin smooth, soft and radiant - compared with ordinary soap, which dries the skin. Moisturize - the basis of beautiful skin, which is why cream soap Dove, consisting of 1/4 moisturizing cream, recommended that the Russian society dermatologists and cosmetologists.

• Cream Dove shower gels   the complex Nutrium Moisture differ from conventional foods by the presence of a mild cleansing components. This combination of moisturizing ingredients and related skin lipids for deep nutrition, extremely gentle cleansing and maintaining the beauty of the skin for a long time.

• Body lotions Dove   with a complex of deep nutrition and hydration Deep Care Complex contains related skin caring ingredients and nourishing oils, and also have a light texture and quickly absorbed, leaving no greasy film and intensely moisturize the skin.

• Antiperspirant Dove   with a unique formula, not only protect against sweat and odor, as conventional deodorants, and along with effective protection for 48 hours actively care for underarm skin, helping it to recover after shaving just five days.

• Shampoos Dove   with special components Fibre Actives do not just affect the surface of the hair as usual means, but also penetrate deep into the hair structure and restore them from the inside, so that the hair is delightfully smooth, soft and silky.

 Special care after the summer by Dove

Summer ends and surprises are just beginning: Dove has prepared special gifts for the good mood and beauty care! From August 1 to September 30, 2013   when buying two different products Dove and registration of barcodes on www.dove-promo.ru you can win a trip to a spa hotel in Switzerland, or a cozy spa robe.

Extend your summer beauty with Dove!

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova