Brenda Fruttini appeared "face"
 Until autumn 2011 TM Fruttini was presented in the Russian market in the stores "for the soul and the soul." Starting from September 2011, the company Mish Russland begins mass distribution on the Russian market. Since 2013 face berry-fruit brand in Germany Fruttini was a young Russian singer Loya.

Loy   - One of the most popular singers in Russia among young people, which is also the author and performer of his own hits pesen.Sozdannye it conquered all radio charts and permanently entrenched in the top lines of the charts.

People Prize "Golden Gramophone" Song of the Year, Top 20 songs, World Fashion Awards, Singer of the Year by the magazine Moda Topical, nominations for MUZ, Ru TV, magazine Woman of the Year Glamour! Here is a partial list of awards, awards and nominations, which awarded the singer. But most importantly - a real love and recognition of the public!

 Brenda Fruttini appeared "face"

All products of the brand Fruttini   are an amazing fruit cocktail of exotic fruits and sweet berries, and unsurpassed flavor will help you to plunge into eternal summer!

Fruttini   - Cosmetics not only for the body but also for the pleasure! Bright vivid fruit flavors transform everyday care magical adventure, tempting and giving a rainbow of positive emotions. In addition, the combination of extracts related skin lipids and a complex of vitamins and minerals will give the skin feeling silky and well maintained.

Strawberry, raspberry, orange, lime and many other fruits and berries are waiting for you!

Fruit shower gels, lotions and sprays for the body peels, scrubs give gentle care of your skin, and you - the magic good mood!

Makeup Fruttini can be found in the cosmetics store chain "Elysees", "For the soul and the soul", "Girlfriend", "Ole! Hood "Pharmacy chain" Doctor Stoletov ".

Author: Anna Shustrova