Christmas with Lush worth noting!
 Did you know that Christmas Lush never ends? Lush Master return from the Christmas holidays with a million new ideas for next year's holiday products and immediately start working on a new collection.

This year the team Lush has set a goal to include in the collection body creams without preservatives And they succeeded. Also Christmas means removed from the plastic sequins   and replaced them with stars and other ornaments of agar-agar, edible sugar shimmering sequins and other elements to Christmas products were as bright and exciting as ever.

In addition to an exclusive Christmas funds were added products with scents of the permanent range, so if you like them, you will be able to find funds with a similar flavor in the permanent collection.

 Christmas with Lush worth noting!

All the Christmas collection is already in stores Lush. Hurry to please yourself and loved ones!

Author: Anna Shustrova