New Hair: Schauma Volume and Care
 In October 2013 Schauma is a new line of Volume and Care 2 action, which includes shampoo and hair conditioner. These tools are designed to address both the problem of oily roots and dry ends.

Extract pink grapefruit   a beneficial effect on the hair roots, preserving the freshness of hair. Fruit avocado   protein comprises useful microelements (iron, potassium, magnesium, folic acid, copper, manganese) and vitamins. Especially a lot of it in vitamin E, which transports oxygen in the blood, nourishing their skin cells and hair follicles. Avocado extract takes care of fragile tips, helping retain moisture in the hair.

A new line of products do not contain silicone, which tends to accumulate in the hair and to burden them.

 New Hair: Schauma Volume and Care
  New Hair: Schauma Volume and Care

Shampoo Schauma Volume and care   It cleanses the hair at the roots and gives up to 48 hours of freshness. It strengthens the hair structure and intensively cares for weakened tips. For better results it is recommended to additionally use a balm Schauma.
The recommended price of 95 rubles.

Salve Schauma Volume and care   as well as shampoo is composed of extracts of pink grapefruit and avocado, who take care of the roots and the tips of the hair, strengthens and restores their structure. Balm Schauma volume and care activities 2   - It is easy to comb and tidy curls.

The recommended price of 70 rubles.

To Schauma volume and care activities 2   complex hair does not exist!

Author: Anna Shustrova