New in the collection of Lindt Excellence: chocolate with strawberry flavor
 For gourmets worldwide chocolate Lindt - a synonym for the highest quality, exquisite taste, Swiss traditions and unique recipes.

Since 1845, the Swiss company Lindt Chocolatier Masters invest in the creation of the chocolate all their passion and excellence. The secret of exquisite taste - in the continuous improvement of the formulation and combination of selected cocoa of the highest quality, the best ingredients, modern technology and age-old traditions.

Chocolate Lindt Excellence   - A subject of pride of Lindt. Lindt Excellence - extremely thin tiles, allowing to reveal the richness and refinement of taste and aroma. A wide palette of shades Excellence sochetaetsyas perfectly tasteful coffee iliterpkim bouquet of the best wines.

Last masterpiece Master singer Chocolatier - Lindt Excellence Strawberry .

Each tile - a moment of pure pleasure, where the taste of juicy strawberries disclosed in luxurious velvety dark chocolate.

New work of confectionary art will delight gourmets and complement the collection of Excellence, including a refreshing gentle Orange , Invigorating Mint , Bold Chile   or piquant Sea salt .

 New in the collection of Lindt Excellence: chocolate with strawberry flavor

Especially for fans of high-quality Swiss chocolate is Lindt Assorted Swiss Premium Chocolate Napolitains For which the Masters Chocolatier selected the best classic recipes of chocolate Lindt.

A 500-gram pack Swiss Premium Chocolate Napolitains   Six flavors: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, milk chocolate with hazelnuts, milk chocolate with almonds, white chocolate with almonds and delicate milk chocolate Lindor with melting cream filling. All of them are represented in the form of mini-tiles "bush" in a convenient individually packaged.

Lindt Swiss Premium Chocolate Napolitains   It would be a perfect gift for chocolate lovers or the perfect dessert for the whole family.

Author: Anna Shustrova