XX Superfinal competition tailor-amateurs and professionals "Silver Thread"
 Date: October 24, 2013
Venue: Conference Hall "Metropol" Theatrical pr-d, 2, Moscow.
Start time: 14:00

The Super Final will feature more than 50 winners of numerous regional qualifying rounds held in various cities Rossii.Obschee mood ensembles presented logically for the coming autumn-winter season. The elegance of the lines, laconic styles and color combinations emphasize certain strict restraint characteristic for the upcoming season. At the same time, the competition will be presented knitted sets, creating the impression of cosiness and comfort, popular for casual style.

The program - featuring stylish collection of fashion designer Olga Kisselenko ihudozhnika fashion designer Tatyana Alekhine and as always - an opportunity to share new ideas, seek professional advice and to communicate with colleagues.

The competition will be held a charity event, which resulted in the funds received from the sale of models of regional designers will be transferred to the Fund "Volunteers help children orphaned."

"The stylish hairstyles"   - Publication of the beauty and style in creating the image, thanks to its participation in the Super Final, the contestants will evaluate the makeup and hairstyle, which should be as accurate as possible to emphasize the idea of ​​the author.

Competent jury consisting of experts of the fashion industry, experienced make-up artists will evaluate the submitted works in seven categories: 'Children's clothing', 'Taylor-lovers "," The students of specialized educational institutions "," Professional " . At this time, we set up three new categories: "Historical Costume," "Special equipment"   (patchwork, knitting, embroidery, felting, beading) "Style icon"   - Stylistic ensemble of costumes and accessories in the images within this category zvezd.V planned additional competition for professional hairdressing and vizazhnogo skill. The prize "The most exact copy" of the truest embodiment of the image.

The winners will receive valuable prizes from sponsors sewing, cash awards and grants from the log ID "EDIPRESSE-KONLIGA" gifts from partnerov.Orgkomitet, jury and partners establish a non-competitive special prizes.

Media Partners Channel "Interesting TV" company Red Media, the portal about fashion Modanews.ru, site modnoerukodelie.ru, group projects MediaFort myJane.ru, myJulia.ru, myCharm.ru, stranamam.ru, portal for fashionable and stylish Relook. ru, and the wellness portal Diets.ru and needlework Community Hobbyportal.ru.

The best models are invited to a photo shoot in the magazine "Most" photo report and a report on the results of the Super Final is published in journals in sewing and needlework ID "EDIPRESSE-KONLIGA» «chic», «DIANA Moden», «Knitting-your hobby", "Lena needlework" "The stylish hairstyles" and others, the total monthly circulation of nearly half a million copies and is distributed in Russia, the Baltic countries and NSG.

 XX Superfinal competition tailor-amateurs and professionals "Silver Thread"

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova