Kate Moss resume cooperation with Topshop after a 2-year break
 His first collection under the label Topshop Kate released in 2007. The line was a huge success, it was completely sold out on the first day of sales. And many fans of the British model and brand Topshop very upset, when in 2011, it was announced that the cooperation of the brand and discontinued Moss.

Since 2007, Kate Moss has created for the brand 14 collections, all of which were successful and sold well. But in 2011, the year there was a gap between Kate and Topshop. Explanations were given very different. Mark says that Moss had a very heavy workload, and it does not allow her to be given full work on the collections (Kate at the time collaborated with cosmetics Rimmel, bags Longchamp, accessories for mobile phones Carphone Warehouse). While she thought Kate, she found a replacement in the form of a daughter of the owner of Topshop.

But apparently, the commercial interest of any more quarrels that influenced the reunification of the British brand and model. Next collection by Kate Moss for Topshop is owned by season Spring 2014, and will go on sale in April next year.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Julia Gnedina