New Products The Body Shop: means for skin whitening Moisture White
 With the new system of moisturizers for skin whitening Moisture White from The Body Shop you'll forget what freckles and age spots, will be able to enjoy a perfectly smooth skin tone and be confident in their beauty!

The Care Basics Moisture White unique patented component - shiso extract . This plant is the mint family is well known in cosmetics for its ability to block the production of melanin and prevent hyperpigmentation process. Due to the unique properties of shiso treatments Moisture White   day after day to improve the appearance of skin, aligning its tone, making age spots and freckles less visible.

Useful properties combined with shiso vitamin C, licorice extract (licorice)   and aloe vera .

Vitamin C   also reduces melanin and provides excellent antioxidant protection. Neutralizes free radicals, activates the process of skin aging, gives the skin a healthy glow and promotes its renewal.

Licorice root extract   It helps fight severe hyperpigmentation.
Through organic aloe vera, which we buy in Guatemala within the framework of fair trade means Moisture White   perfectly moisturize and soften the skin.

 New Products The Body Shop: means for skin whitening Moisture White

Series Moisture White   It includes a facial wash, moisturizing essence (for dry (I) and inclined to fat content (II) of the skin), whitening lotion, Day protective cream, whitening serum, whitening night cream, Serum for skin around the eyes, concentrate for local application, serum tinted effect, BB-Cream.

A series of Moisture White   fights all causes of uneven skin tone:
- Hyperpigmentation caused by excessive production of melanin;
- Freckles and pigment spots, formed as a result of prolonged exposure to the sun;
- Age pigmentation.

Treatments Moisture White   suitable for all skin types and recommended for use under the age of 20 years.

Innovative formula Moisture White   developed Japan, Switzerland And enjoyed great success since the introduction of the cosmetic market in 2000. Now, this revolutionary system of care available in the country.

Moisture White Series is presented exclusively in 4 stores The Body Shop c October 2013 g .: the European shopping center, Metropolis shopping center, shopping center Capitol Vernadsky, Okhotny Ryad shopping center (Moscow).

Author: Anna Shustrova