Among the top 10 most influential celebrities - six women
 Forbes has made another list of 100 most influential celebrities. For the first time, starting in ten women more than men.

Edition The Daily Mail so named his article about the ranking of 2013: "Feminist mission accomplished." So, in the top 10 included six of the fairer sex, four of them - in the top five:

1) Oprah (Oprah Winfrey)
2) Lady Gaga,
4) Beyonce
5) Madonna
6) Taylor Swift
10) Ellen DeGeneres

A NewYork Magazine observed that in the first lines - not politicians and public figures, and representatives of show business. Unfortunately, Angelina Jolie took only 41 seats, while all appreciate her efforts to inform about the problems of breast cancer, as well as her work at the United Nations (recently it has become the author of the initiative, to rape in the territory of the hostilities were recognized as war crimes). Last year the leader of the rating of J. Lo moved to this year's 12th place.

Author: Julia Gnedina