Hair dryers new generation for the health of your hair!
 American brand Remington, a recognized leader in the production of stylish and innovative technology for hair care, SILK is a collection autumn-winter 2013!

One of the most exciting new products collection - multifunctional and practical hairdryer Silk AC9096   from Remington . Either we faced with the fact that hair can damage hair and make them more brittle and dry. To solve this problem, experts trademark Remington developed ceramic structure with lattice containing silk proteins. Now hair is not only does not harm the hair, but also supports their health! Remington has once again created an original product, always thinking about the consumer.

What is the silk proteins and why do they need?

Silk proteins align the structure of the hair, smooth their scales, filling the damaged area. Intense nutrition and hydration instantly makes hair shiny and soft. The problem of breakage and split ends away as the moisture evaporates from the hair, thanks to the protective layer on its surface.

And, of course, every girl knows that modern dryer must be:

- The function of the ion air to remove excess static electricity from the hair and prevent electrification;

- Function blowing cold air to fix the final installation.

In addition, professional dryer ACmotor, which allows the hair to dry for a few minutes, because the hair Silk AC9096 by Remington has a capacity of 2400 W! At the moment he is one of the samyhmoschnyh market.

Certainly, modern women should be not only qualitative, but also very stylish appliances for personal care. The products of the new collection Silk look luxurious, and to use them is a pleasure!

 Hair dryers new generation for the health of your hair!


• Power - 2400 W
• Grate ceramic containing silk, to evenly distribute heat and haircare
• Long-life AC motor
• 6 combinations of temperature and speed limits
• The blower speed - 140 km / h for quick drying hair
• Ion conditioning to prevent tangling of hair
• The "turbo"
• The blowing cold air
• Narrow concentrator for precise styling
• Diffuser
• Removable rear grille
• Loop for hanging
• Power cord length 3 m

Author: Anna Shustrova