NEW: smoothing mask with rose oil from Weleda mosketa
 On the Russian market there is a new product - Smoothing Mask with rose oil mosketa. The tool will complement a long time favorite and popular pink series Weleda.

Like the flower buds to 30 years in the beauty of a woman is revealed in full, but the defense mechanisms of the skin begin to gradually weaken and need additional support. Parallel decreases the ability to maintain moisture, the skin can not recover quickly as a young man. Pink Series Weleda   designed to intensify the process of skin regeneration. Through seed oil rose mosketa, a part of all product lines, first wrinkles are smoothed out and the skin returned to its natural elasticity. Another "Pink" element of this series Weleda - essential Damask rose oil It is this that makes the whole lineup refined tart flavor.

Especially for Weleda Rose mosketa   It is grown in biodynamic farms on the slopes of the Chilean mountains. Seeds of roses mosketa - a natural source of unsaturated fatty acids.

Damascus Rose   grown biodynamic way in the Turkish Taurus mountains.

 NEW: smoothing mask with rose oil from Weleda mosketa
  NEW: smoothing mask with rose oil from Weleda mosketa

1-2 times a week treat yourself to a special care. Apply the mask smoothes oil rose mosketa for 15-20 minutes. It will provide intensive care for tired skin under stress. Animates mosketa rose seed oil and extract from fresh mallow
supports regenerative processes of the lipid layer of the skin and moisturize well.

Author: Anna Shustrova