The new fragrance from Fergie and Avon
 In June, Avon releases a new fruity floral fragrance from Fergie. And this innovation continues even begun in 2010 by the singer's line of fragrances, which were publications Outspoken (2010) and Outspoken Intense (2011).

Aroma 2013 called Outspoken Fresh. Novelty is described as energetic and fresh. This is reflected not only in composition, but also in the vial. Turquoise reflects the purity and freshness.

Outspoken Fresh Scent is built on the sweet and juicy notes: lychee, guava, orange flower, peach, jasmine, magnolia, iris and sandalwood.

 The new fragrance from Fergie and Avon

Outspoken Fresh exits as Eau de Parfum (50 ml).

Author: Julia Gnedina