3-phase system from SpaRitual True Bond
 SpaRitual Company presents to your attention a 3 phase system True Bond, which consists of an elixir primer Natural Primer, Basecoat base elixir elixir-fixer and Topcoat.

The first means   used for the preparation of natural nails to varnish coating thoroughly disinfects and degreasing the surface of the nail after the application of oils, lotions and other cosmetic products, eliminates moisture without breaking PH-balance and strengthens the nail plate due to the presence in the composition of calcium.

The second drug   It provides a secure grip nail polish protects the nail plate from yellowing, and third means   protects the paint from chipping and sunlight prolongs life manicure and diamond gives nails shine.

 3-phase system from SpaRitual True Bond

Exclusively from the masters - consultants SpaRitual .

Volume: 15 ml
Estimated price: 1470 rubles. (per vial)

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova