L'Oreal has patented a "secret weapon" for gray hair
 The patent application was filed several years ago. The new invention has promised a strong prevention of hair graying. And now it has come to pass, L'Oreal company has registered a patent, and we have to wait for the release of new products by new technology.

While L'Oreal does not mention the exact timing of delivery of new products on the shelves. Nor is it known that it will be for the drug: dietary supplements or hair mask.

The patent has a number of number 8445004 B2, its official scientific name sounds rather complicated, but it is spoken language can be translated as follows: "created a secret weapon that will prevent the appearance of gray hair."

And, as previously reported, it is a question of preventing gray hair. With already appeared gray hair will have to fight only staining.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Julia Gnedina