The new issue of the Dove: When you no longer consider yourself beautiful? (+ VIDEO)
 Dove continues its study of the female soul and body. His recent project "You are prettier than you think" (with sketches by the artist-criminalist, remember?) Has helped many women to take a new look at yourself. And now one more interesting idea.

Dove decided to speculate why women underestimate their natural beauty? And, most importantly, when a woman begins to think that she was not beautiful enough? After all, a child of such a representation of himself was not.

Dove illustrates his new research in this area an interesting movie. It shows women who are shy to be photographed, considering themselves not attractive enough at the moment. And in contrast to - children, young girls, who are happy to pose for the camera, without thinking about some problems in appearance. The question being asked in the video: "When you no longer consider yourself beautiful? ".

According to a recent study Dove, 77% of women trying to avoid photographing without any training because they feel inadequate or ashamed of their beautiful appearance.

Thank you, Dove.

Author: Julia Gnedina