Estée Lauder launches a new fragrance - for the first time in 10 years
 In the world of beauty there are some very strict rules. For example, almost everyone knows that the scent should consist of top, heart and base notes ... But this fall, Estée Lauder will destroy the rules and stereotypes.

Estée Lauder will launch a modern and vivid edition - Modern Muse. This is the first in the past 10 years, the brand new perfume.

Modern Muse emphasizes the dual nature of women, so the fragrance composition is built on top and heart notes: soft and feminine jasmine balanced sparkling chords strong and independent woody notes.

Interesting choice of the advertising face for flavor. This model Arizona Muse. The creators of flavor swear that match the names of the girl and the name of the fragrance random. But there's something crucial - believe in Estée Lauder. This is the first advertising campaign with Arizona, although the contract was signed with a model more than a year ago.

 Estée Lauder launches a new fragrance - for the first time in 10 years

While the fragrance is called a modern and dynamic design of the bottle is designed to recall the traditions and history of the brand. It is reminiscent of the legendary first fragrance Lauder Youth Dew in 1953.

New Modern Muse by Estée Lauder will be sold from September 2013, the advertising campaign will start from August.

Author: Julia Gnedina