Gwyneth Paltrow believes that the profession of a model - "ideal if you have children"
 Actress Gwyneth Paltrow is now the advertising face of two fragrances by Hugo Boss: Jour Pour Femme and Nuit Pour Femme (it smells day and evening). But almost in films. Why is that?

Really why? After all, the film community appreciates her talent actress - Gwyneth was awarded the highest award in the film - the Oscar.

The actress told the portal WWD, why now prefers to be a model, and not to play the movie. "Be a model - is the perfect activity when you have kids," - says Paltrow. And he continues: "Now I can shoot only one film a year, because my family and other projects require a lot of attention from me."

Recall that Gwyneth has two children: daughter 9 years old son - 7. She writes cookbooks, is a website Goop. Although the most important reason for the refusal of the movie now - this, of course, children. Gwyneth told how it is constructed day. Up at 7 am, then - breakfast with the kids, the actress after she takes them to school. Then, back home, working with e-mails (about an hour), further - training from 10 to 12, and then work on the site. After school Gwyneth as she takes the children, helping with homework, etc.

When this rhythm is really no time to act, but an advertising photo shoot quite feasible employment. Moreover, the pay for advertising is not less than shooting a movie.

Author: Julia Gnedina