Lena Lenina told how to correct the shape of the fingers and hands using nail polish
 Preparing to fly, the sun, beaches and holidays in full swing: beauty sit on a diet, run to cosmetologists, make a short haircut and bright summer manicure. About what manicure selected depending on the morphology of the hands and how to choose the color and shape of the nail lacquer depending on individual characteristics, we asked the owner of the web manicure studio Lena Lenina. We met the writer in the bar restaurant "Bristol" on Nikita, where she was sipping a cocktail Chokodelika and ringing long sotuarami from Pearl Compound, subscribed autographs on the freshly printed copies of his 22-th under the account books.

Ed .:   "Lena, who does not like you, Queen manicure, know all the tricks that will allow our pens look even more attractive? Share the secrets! "

Lena Lenina:   "Most of the ladies are familiar with the secrets of body shaping clothing and morphology of facial makeup. But few know that the manicure you can adjust your natural disadvantages and improve the visual impression of yourself. Lean hands and slender fingers or a wide palm and short fingers ... red or pink nails should be, podpilennymi square or semi-circle? To tell perfektsionistok major correction secrets and beauty of hands.

If you are lucky and you long fingers, but flat nails Then ideally they will look short length manicure. Besides this, in the light of new trends in fashion, very young. These nails better to paint the color of rich red or fuchsia. Moreover, it is sexiest color lacquer and they are most popular with men. Better use of pearlescent paints: due to their overflowing sequins and flat nails will look more rounded and bulky. For evening can afford paints of gold and silver shades. With long fingers form the nail does not play a special significance: they can directly or to file a semi-circle, to your taste.

If you have thin fingers protruding nails , Your pen will ideally look with long manicure. A right to file the nails and it will accentuate their beautiful convex shape. But the color of your suit many shades from black and purple, burgundy, red, coral to a very bright, pastel, beige and pink. Well on your nails will look any pastel-colored jacket with white tips. But try not to use paints with sequins and pearl.

If you have ragged nails and toes of medium length Then they will look very impressive podpilennye short nails with a dark varnish. A rasp them better, so that they have a semicircular shape. You can choose lakes maroon, chocolate, red-brown and even black tones. But remember: these colors are not only catchy, fortunately, divert attention from the cuticle and skin around the nail plate, but also, unfortunately, to attract the eye to the nail so the nails should be perfectly rasped and always polished.

If you have short fingers and broad nails Then for this form of nail-like outline of a butterfly's wing, a semi-circular shape suitable manicure - so they visually appear to be much narrower. For daytime, choose light pastel nail varnishes, the more they will be all the rage this summer: white, light beige, pale pink, light purple, pale lavender. All bright and skin tones that do not emit much nails on the background of the skin, visually make the fingers longer. A lengthening of limbs subconsciously associated in men with sexual maturation of adolescents and you will seem more erotic in the eyes of the opposite sex. And most importantly, these color lacquers easiest combined with any color of clothing. "

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova