Limited May collection from Bath & Body Works
 Bath & Body Works presents you with three small limited editions: Berry Flirt, Honey Sweetheart and Daisy Dreamgirl. They will go on sale May 13, 2013 just one month.

Collection Berry Flirt

Arrangement Berry Flirt from Bath & Body Works begins alluring notes of sparkling plum, red berries, apple crisps, and reveals a delicate aroma of vanilla sweetness and camellia.

Dancing until the morning, walks into the sunset, love, penetrating into every cell of the body - all this is reflected in the new line from the legendary Berry Flirt collections Signature. Bright spring, the sea of ‚Äč‚Äčemotions!

Shower gel, spray, cream with vitamins, proteins and oils - a complete line of care for your body. Natural components of the best natural ingredients, unique formulas - the best solution for the daily care.

 Limited May collection from Bath & Body Works

Collection Daisy Dreamgirl

The new fragrance Daisy Dreamgirl from Bath & Body Works will give you a wonderful mood when you soar above the ground, smiling for no reason, and you believe in miracles. As with the thrill of waiting for the next meeting and you can not find the right words because the words are so difficult to describe all that you feel.

Immerse yourself in the dream of the notes of Italian bergamot, grapefruit, magnolia, pear. At the heart of the sweet passion fruit flavor, delicate lily of the valley, freesia delightful. Base notes are represented by deep woody aromas of sandalwood and musk.

 Limited May collection from Bath & Body Works

Collection Honey Sweetheart

New romantic collection Honey Sweetheart from Bath & Body Works will help you emphasize your tenderness and femininity.

Means for care of the body with vitamin E, shea butter, rice and coconut extract and acai berry make the skin soft and velvety.

Light floral-fruity fragrance with crystal notes of cedar and musk allows to show their femininity.

 Limited May collection from Bath & Body Works

Author: Anna Shustrova