The Atkins diet increases the chances of getting pregnant
 Research conducted Dr. Jeffrey Russell, of Newark, Delaware, USA. The tests were invited 120 women. How connected power and conception?

Women who follow a high-protein diets have higher rates of success with IVF than those who consume a lot of carbohydrates. Such a conclusion was Dr. Jeffrey Russell, surveyed 120 women. The results of his research have been published by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

Women whose daily ration consisted of 40% of the proteins in pregnant 4 times more frequently than those with more than 40% of the power necessary for carbohydrates.

Now those who are waiting for the pregnancy, there is a good motivation to give up donuts and pastries and sit on the Atkins diet, which involves a high level of protein and is low-carbohydrate. In addition, the doctor advises to stick to protein nutrition for 3 months prior to the expected fertilization, to significantly increase their chances.

Author: Julia Gnedina