The Body Shop presents: BB-Moisturizing Cream Vitamin E
 You can be 100% confident and self-perfection, if you choose to ally moisturizing BB-Cream Vitamin E of The Body Shop! Its effective moisturizing formula and light texture allow even out skin tone, hide its imperfections and nourish the skin with moisture with just one hand movement!

Moisturizing BB-Cream Vitamin E is:

* 12-hour hydration

Formula with wheat germ extracts provide your skin moisturizing 12:00. This means that you can safely go about their business and do not take the extra effort to care for the skin during the day - the necessary hydration, protection and comfort she has provided.

* 1 universal tone

Moisturizing BB-Cream Vitamin E is represented in one universal shade that will adjust to your skin tone and relieve you of possible errors in choosing the right tone, as often happens with the foundation.

* Fresh and natural-looking skin

Our Moisturizing BB-Cream Vitamin E creates a light coating on the skin with a glossy effect, which evens out the skin tone and conceals its imperfections. Thanks to light texture cream skin will look as natural as if you do not applied to the tone. Rejoice yourself and those around you delight with its natural beauty!

 The Body Shop presents: BB-Moisturizing Cream Vitamin E

Available from May 2013

Author: Anna Shustrova