Conference "Style in the details" on
 Accessories, including jewelry - is this little thing? No, in matters of style are no trifles, moreover, it is not only capable of accessories perfectly complement the style, but also highlight your personality.

How to choose the right accessories like to combine them; what jewelry is now a trend, and what - is always in fashion, these and many other questions every registered user to be able to answer the project copyright designer jewelry made of precious stones Galina Golovteeva.

* Information about the Expert:

Galina Golovteeva - Lecturer "Imageology" reputation of the Institute of Technology "Art & Image", image-maker consultant, previously was preparing fashion-shooting for the magazine "Burda", designer of copyright jewelry made from precious stones. An expert on the selection of clothes and accessories, creating a visual image.

The conference will last 14 days, from 8 to 22 April inclusive.

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Author: Anna Shustrova