Gwyneth Paltrow allows himself one cigarette a week
 The actress became the heroine of the May issue of the American Harper`s Bazaar. And please us with new revelations about his life and, of course, flawless images.

On the cover of the publication Gwyneth white dress from the latest collections Balenciaga (designer Nicolas Gasquet).

 Gwyneth Paltrow allows himself one cigarette a week

In an interview for the umpteenth Paltrow probably just told that try to eat only organic foods, prefer laser treatment for skin, expensive dermatologists, recalled the training with his fitness trainer Tracy Anderson ... Like anything new. However, one phrase still came as a surprise: "That's what makes life interesting, finding a balance between cigarettes and tofu."

How? Is this an excellent student throughout and fixated on "green" lifestyle woman smokes? Gwyneth had to make excuses: "I smoke once a week, on Saturday night."

Author: Julia Gnedina