Innovative nail polish "3-in-1" from YSL
 YSL is preparing to launch a collection of 4 nail polishes, each of which offers just three different textures to choose from.

Each vial has innovative varnish composed of three layers:
- Offers a sparkling coating
- Second - it is pure color,
- The third - luster and gloss.

How it works? You can take a brush just the right layer and apply on your nails. And you can do mix - shake the bottle of varnish Stir all three layers together - and put on a nail a rich and interesting texture.

As part of a new collection of YSL La Laque Couture Tie & Dye Top Coat Collection will be four shades: Cool Coat (melon), Pop Coat (Fuchsia), Hip Coat (lilac) and Ice Coat (royal blue).

 Innovative nail polish "3-in-1" from YSL

New items will appear in May 2013, the estimated price of a varnish - $ 25.

Author: Julia Gnedina