Brazilian waxing can cause the spread of STIs
 Such was the conclusion a group of dermatologists, who published a study British Medical Journal. Scientists believe that the surge of some infections, sexually transmitted diseases, recently linked with the popularity of the Brazilian method of removing pubic hair.

Brazilian method involves complete or almost complete removal of hair in the pubic area. This is done with a razor or waxing. And in both cases on the skin are microtrauma, which can cause the spread of certain infections, including some sexually transmitted diseases (eg, genital warts).

But there are other news. Remember, we wrote about the results one more study that says that the popularity of the intimate hair removal has led to the fact that almost disappeared genital lesions such as the pubic lice.

However, doctors urged to be careful not to succumb to the fashion for hair removal is too pivotal in the pubic area. Either apply the laser method of hair removal, although it is more expensive but safer.

Author: Julia Gnedina