Naomi Watts refuses Botox
 In 44, the Australian actress is still young and ready for close-ups in the film, and does not intend to resort to Botox, while many of her younger colleagues Hollywood has long made it.

In a new interview, Naomi said she is not willing to go under the knife. The conversation was held with a journalist of the Australian edition of Good Health. "Never say never, and I certainly can not judge those who do Botox. But most of the characters I play, going through huge emotional turmoil, and it takes me a good facial expressions, "- said in an interview with Watts.

Surprisingly, having no plastic on the face, Naomi does look better than anyone who has ever resorted to surgery. How did she do it? The actress told the publication that goes to pilates, dance, engaged in cardio-yoga. Try to keep yourself in shape. In addition, playing tennis, and, in general, is very fond of sports.

 Naomi Watts refuses Botox
In '44, the actress gorgeous complexion and youthful skin

Engage your body stimulates the actress not only movies, but also her two sons (five-year and four-year Sasha Kai), who constantly demand attention moms.

And about the plastic is quite firmly decided: no Botox, it only interfere with the work - said Naomi.

Author: Julia Gnedina