NIVEA brand presented its BB-Cream!
 Experts NIVEA is proud to represent BB-Cream "Perfect skin" - a unique moisturizing day cream 5 to 1, which fully takes care of the skin, moisturizing and protecting it from the negative influence of the environment, instantly conceals imperfections and evens tone, giving the face a healthy, radiant appearance. Easy formula is suitable for all ages and skin types.

How it works?

It moisturizes the skin

On intensive moisturizing the skin throughout the day to take care Innovative technology lab NIVEA - Hydra IQ. It stimulates the aquaporins, natural conductors of moisture in the cells, and thereby enhances the natural ability of the skin to maintain the required level of moisture.


The soft formula absorbs quickly and makes pores less visible. The palette BB cream from NIVEA two-tone - light beige and natural beige. Mineral toning pigments adapt to the natural skin tone to give most natural result.

Masks imperfections In particular, redness, dark circles, pigmentation and fine facial wrinkles. BB Cream "Perfect Skin" from NIVEA literally transforms the skin and gives shine.

It gives the skin a healthy radiant appearance   and hides signs of fatigue. The composition of BB cream "Perfect skin" consists of natural components, additional care for the skin:

* Pro-vitamin B5   It has a moisturizing effect, since the ability to hold moisture in the upper layers of the skin. In addition, the ingredient in cells stimulates regeneration processes.

* Oil fruits Shea   moisturizes and nourishes the skin, saturating it with essential vitamins A, E and F.

Protects   from harmful solar radiation (SPF 10). SPF 10 formula does not weigh down the cream, while effectively protecting the skin in an urban environment.

 NIVEA brand presented its BB-Cream!

On the unique formula says the expert laboratory NIVEA Visage Sapideh Reshad : "Polychromatic - means" colorful. " We use a unique mix micropigments different shades of brown, black, yellow and red. Taken together, they give the skin a lighter shade, which harmonizes with the natural tone of the face. An important advantage of the trace minerals that they do not block the pores, so the skin can breathe freely. "

Author: Anna Shustrova