Carla Bruni returned to modeling
 Carla Bruni, the famous French supermodel and wife of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy returned to modeling. Its first project after a long break - French Vogue.

During the time of Charles is not working as a model, she managed to star in a movie, to have cosmetic surgery, visit the first lady of France, to give birth to a daughter. It would seem that 43-year-old Carla already has it all. I wonder what changed her plans and forced to re-enter the studio fashion photographers? Is the money? After all, Nicolas Sarkozy is no longer president, moreover, continues to investigate the financial scandals associated with the activities of the former heads of France, and Nicolas could face fines.

One way or another, but finally, the favorite of many, magnificent Charles again pleases trendy Sway public appearance. And the first draft after returning to work has become a model for the prestigious gloss. Carla Bruni - the cover girl of fresh French Vogue (number of December 2012 - January 2013).

 Carla Bruni returned to modeling
Photographers - Mert & Marcus.

I think we should expect a new French model projects, because its popularity is incredibly high, even after the electoral defeat of the spouse.

Author: Julia Gnedina