The contest "The Magical World of Health" with VITEK by WINX
 Why fairies are always so beautiful, cheerful and full of energy? .. Their magic is not only in the magical items, but also in health, which provide proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Become wizards simply if to love healthy foods and exercise, as well as take part in the contest of articles on healthy lifestyles of children who "Country Mom" ​​held in conjunction with the Women's encyclopedia and brand VITEK by WINX.

Winners of the competition will receive wonderful gifts from the brand VITEK by WINX - bright, stylish household appliances c «magic" functions. They create a fairytale atmosphere, allowing every girl (and, indeed, my mother) feel like a real fairy. Each of the subjects - an exciting mix of bright colors and original design. Equipment for children created by the latest technology and the finest materials.

The winner will receive a gift clock radios Winx WX 4052 MS from VITEK by WINX projector!
 The contest "The Magical World of Health" with VITEK by WINX

Clock radio with projector - another magical device that is both an alarm clock and radio. It will wake your favorite music, allow a longer soak up in the morning, and most importantly - through the magic of time the projector magical numbers appear directly on the ceiling or on the wall! Fabulous clock radio with projector Winx WX 4052 MS, relating to the design series «Winx», have a special LED display with a diagonal of 0, 6 inches .

The winner of the second place will receive a waffle iron Winx WX-1101 BL from VITEK by WINX .
 The contest "The Magical World of Health" with VITEK by WINX

Waffle Maker Winx WX-1101 BL allows to prepare the real magic waffles yourself. With its help you impress your friends incredibly delicious waffles on a wooden stick, baked in the shape of hearts. Included you will find as many as a hundred wooden sticks. Waffle Maker Winx WX-1101 BL successfully embodies the functionality and striking design. It has an optimal capacity, rugged-resistant plastic, the special non-stick coating and an indicator of readiness for use .

The participant, who will take the third place will receive popkornitsu WX-1301 BL from VITEK by WINX .
 The contest "The Magical World of Health" with VITEK by WINX

With this popkornitsy can easily cook at home most magical poprokn. In just 3 minutes the whole batch will be ready! This device has a special non-stick surface, optimum power, and power indicator. In such popkornitse not have to use butter popcorn in it being prepared with the help of hot air, which is much more useful for health .

Take part in our new contest! You will not only learn a lot about children's diet, physical activity and other aspects of a healthy lifestyle, but also can receive a gift of a wonderful prize, which will please not only your child but you. Beautiful home appliances from Vitek, undoubtedly, will decorate your kitchen!

Read all the terms and participate ...

Author: Anna Shustrova