Clearblue now defines the term pregnancy!
 Every woman wants to know for sure if she is pregnant, and not guessing. According to research (1), about 80% of Russian women prefer to use home pregnancy tests, instead of ultrasound. Digital single-stage pregnancy test Clearblue leave no doubt because of its accuracy - more than 99% from the first day of the alleged cycle. This corresponds to the reliability of laboratory research, and most importantly - with the help of this test you can now easily determine the week of conception.

New home pregnancy test with the indicator on the timing of pregnancy Clearblue - the first and only in the world of home pregnancy test that will tell a woman when conception occurred, and will help her confidence to plan the next steps. Finally, researchers of the Clearblue realized a woman's dream - the opportunity to learn the expected timing of pregnancy with a simple home test . This innovative test has retained all the advantages of the previous generation Clearblue tests.

Clearblue experts are working to help the woman to determine pregnancy and its terms at an early stage, without worry and doubt. They created a single-stage digital home pregnancy test Clearblue with an additional indicator - is unsurpassed accuracy of the results (99%) (3) from the first day of menstruation and the proposed maximum clear visualization - the result is read uniquely, pregnant or not, as the term indicates a week of conception.

 Clearblue now defines the term pregnancy!

How does a digital pregnancy test Clearblue pregnancy timing indicator?

Extensive clinical studies have shown different levels of hCG in different days after conception. Dr. Jayne Ellis, director of new product development, commented: "An additional indicator to determine the timing of conception - a unique product, we have worked for many years on its development and conducted various studies. We are pleased to offer every woman the opportunity to get as much information about her pregnancy from the first minute confirmation of conception" .

Once the urine is absorbed into the absorbent strip, the test is activated, and the LCD screen appears - "hourglass". After 3 minutes, the test results will be ready.

We test a very simple and easy-to-read digital display, and women no longer need to speculate on the results of the fuzzy lines. If the test is positive, the display shows "+" and the expected timing of pregnancy. There are 3 different definitions - 1 - 2 weeks, 2 - 3 weeks and 3 weeks and more. The ability to determine the right 2 results became available thanks to technology Smart Dual Sensor ™.
 Clearblue now defines the term pregnancy!

If the result is negative, you will see the sign "-".

Unlike conventional test where the result is stored only a few minutes, it shows a digital display for 24 hours.

Clearblue recommends using a test from the first day of menstruation expected, in this case, reliability is more than 99%. But, as shown by the study (4), even 4 days prior to the anticipated start of the cycle accuracy of the test is quite high (about 55%), which allows a woman to find out about the pregnancy at an early stage.
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Author: Anna Shustrova