Meet! The new German cosmetic brand VYON
 The exhibition InterCHARM, which will be held in Moscow on 24 -27 October at the Crocus Expo will be presented to the new German cosmetic brand VYON® visible younger. The motto of the young brand is already having success in Germany, the USA, Singapore and the Baltic States - "advanced skin care" - an advanced skin care.

Firm VYON visibly younger   engaged in the development of exclusive high-tech skincare product lines and programs of professional skin care. Production and manufacture of cosmetics VYON   It takes place on its own formulas and under the highest quality control in strictly selected high-tech laboratories in Germany. Currently, the brand portfolio 7 major series :

1. Cleansing   - An innovative series of cleansing, which is a coherent concept of purification. It frees the skin of impurities and filled with nutrients.

2. Cell Guard   - A series of anti-aging, regenerating healthy skin texture and increases its susceptibility to the drug.

3. Redox   - A series of antioxidant phyto stem cells of red grapes, counteracting aging of the skin.

4. Peel & White   - A series of peels and bleaching products, improves the structure of damaged UF-radiation aging skin.

5. Refining   - A series for problematic skin, helps fight skin imperfections.

6. Sensitive   - A series for sensitive skin with extract of tiger grass and incense, which supports the skin in perfect balance.

7. Specials   - Special products for special skin care, adversely affected the environment.

 Meet! The new German cosmetic brand VYON

Presentation VYON visibly younger   - One of the most anticipated events for consumers and professionals in the beauty world.

Author: Anna Shustrova