Protective caps for fresh manicure
 Everyone knows the problems just painted nails. Even after thorough drying initially cover a fairly soft, it rapidly form scratch. What if you do not want to spoil the manicure?

Sympathetic Women American manufacturer Nails In Motion has offered its output - caps for fresh manicure that will protect your nails from scratches and smudges when you open the car, dig into her purse for a purse, turn on the ignition, etc.

The invention, of course, interesting. But it is worth almost 25 dollars. Perhaps our compatriot witted can by analogy with these caps offer its own version. For example, the use of spray caps?

And still a guess. Maybe soon there will be some kind of caps to protect freshly coiffed hair? However, I would like it to be not so disfiguring the device as these caps.

 Protective caps for fresh manicure

Author: Julia Gnedina