The new fragrance for him: Baldessarini Secret Mission
 Company MÄURER & WIRTZ is taking another step in the development of the famous brand Baldessarini, introducing a new perfume this well-known and popular worldwide brand. Baldessarini Secret Mission - fragrance for confident, strong men who know what they want.

The combination bergamot, basil, fresh cypress, cardamom, geranium leaves   and odor Lavender , and patchouli , Sensory musk   and Oriental oud wood   It creates a unique flavor, which expresses masculinity and mystery.

The composition of the fragrance was created in cooperation with the famous fragrance house IFF .

The new fragrance Baldessarini Secret Mission   It is stored in the safe, to a new, perfectly symmetrical vial metallised and transparent glass. Contrasting elements give lasting massive bottle its own character: a cold metallic hue combined with mysterious blue create a unique high-tech style.

The bottle design was developed in the studio of a famous artist Peter Schmidt .

 The new fragrance for him: Baldessarini Secret Mission

Charles Schumann , The undisputed face of fragrances Baldessarini It reflects the special, courageous, charming aura and a new perfume. He is the epitome of a man with a bright character, style and personal philosophy. Visual range of perfume, which includes an image of Charles Schumann emphasizes the mysterious, mystical side of flavor.

Ruler Baldessarini Secret Mission Represented toilet water, aftershave, shower gel and deodorant is available in Russian from October 2012 .

Author: Anna Shustrova