Naomi Campbell: what can cause years of hair extensions
 42-year-old Naomi Campbell for years subjected to artificial build their hair, and now admits that he suffers from a terrible problem in the form of large bald patches. A paparazzi publish shocking images, revealing, what really is the beauty of the victims of black supermodels.

Two years ago, the Internet has published a photo of Naomi with bald spots on the head, while warning that the infatuation experiments with hair can make a model to a sad result.

Stylists and experts explain that the hair close to the temples, neck and forehead rather thin and fragile, and should avoid hair extensions in these areas. Apparently, Naomi neglected the advice of experts, hence such a terrible result. In addition, capacity can not be done too close to the hair roots, which is likely did Campbell.

Hairdressers also warn that you should not do too much capacity, not more than three months, or even more. Naomi Campbell is clearly not in compliance with this rhythm.

 Naomi Campbell: what can cause years of hair extensions
Photo: Splash News

Fans of the model concerned. Is the star will be bald? But stylists calm. Naomi will be able to grow hair again, only if the stop experimenting with the building. If the injury to the hair continues, it will become a permanent baldness. More help and cortisone therapy - believe dermatologists.

Will Naomi keep their hair, or she would have to be as an avid lover of wigs as Oprah Winfrey?

Author: Julia Gnedina