Oriental Collection makeup by Essence
 In September 2012, essence invites you to the Far East with a fashionable collection Cherry Blossom Girl. The color theme of the collection combines soft colors with rich cherry red, bright yellow and deep black. Hit Collection - elaborately decorated false eyelashes in the form of branches of the cherry blossoms!

The collection:

1. Four-shadow : Two soft shades of peach and flesh color, as well as two of saturated colors - brown and red.

2. Eyeliner 2 in 1   in colors "classic black" or "natural dark brown."

3.   The highlight of the collection - fashionable false eyelashes ! The method they use is very simple: Apply the supplied adhesive to the base of eyelashes, apply to the edge of the eyelid and gently push. And your eyes shine in the fashionable oriental style!

4. Lipstick pencil.   Rich and velvety matte texture of bright red or apricot colors.

5. highlighter   with soft texture shimmering pale pink hue.

6. Multi-color blush   designed in the form of a cherry blossom.

7. Nail Polish   Tokyo summer colors! The solar yellow, red and apricot.

8. shimmering body powder , Has a pleasant floral aroma. Surely something like this was in a geisha!

 Oriental Collection makeup by Essence

As always, the brand essence - the prices are very affordable!

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova